Deedee Agee                                Artist/Writer
My work emerges from play with materials and from attending the subtle and mysterious spark from which a line of inquiry evolves. Line, form and imagery arise intuitively from this conversation; mark making seems to come through me, through my hand, out of a state of attunement with my body and senses in relation to both the immediate and larger world. This “sensing” is, for me, the road to the making of meaning (sense). My attunement is grounded in a life drawing practice of many years and a deepening relationship with the natural world. I love the flow of line through my eye and hand onto the paper, the way line and layered color form up into metaphor. I am drawn to the immediacy of drawing and to the inherent spontaneity of monotypes, the possibilities for variations on a theme and for working in series, the surprise of layering, the mystery of the accidental. The dance between representation and abstraction is a primary focus and fascination for me.